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A lot of people ask us how the Sound Bar came about, it's a fairly simple story really, but here you go.
It was 2014 and myself and Phil were drinking red wine after being at the football all day.
We were both looking for something to do to change our lifestyle.
I had been in sales for 30 years and 4 years before, decided I'd had my fill, was sick to death of the M1, M25, M4 et al and given up my job. As a short term fix, I bought the Hinchliffe Arms in Cragg Vale. It was in fairly poor shape and I was sure I could get it going again. 3 years later it was back on track and again time for me to move on.
Phil, who had been in Factory management and in a very similar vein needed to make some life changes.
Phil had already gone a little way down the road of looking to start a vinyl record shop and had looked at a few sites.
So as we opened our third bottle of red Phil suggested that maybe we should do something together, it was soon decided that a record shop wouldn't support both of us and others had already done the idea of putting a cafe in with the vinyl, but that wasn't really for us. So as the wine took hold, the thought of putting a bar and vinyl together took place.
The following morning when the wine had worn off, it still seemed like a good idea and so the Skipton Sound Bar blue print was born.
The next stage was to decide where. We spent weeks and weeks standing on cold streets in market towns, watching who came and went and type of demographic each town had. Wherever we went we always seemed to head back to Skipton. On a particularly miserable day in Nov 2014 , we saw a hand written note in a, how shall I put it?, a shop that had seen better days! And so the site was found.
We signed the lease in Feb 2015 and after 3 months of knocking walls down, scraping grease off the walls and wondering what the hell we'd let ourselves in for, The Skipton Sound Bar began to emerge.

It's evolved over the months and years and I'm sure will continue to do so.
We are proud of what it's become and have made a myriad of new friends.
Skipton was definitely the right choice, we hope you enjoy your visits with us.

The Sound Bar Story...