Drummer.......Paul Stewart

Couldn't be anyone else, wherever Paul is there is always banging, crashing and smashing, our very own Captain Chaos.
Paul has worked Saturday nights since we opened and came on board full time last year.
There's no one any of us would rather work with on a busy weekend at the bar. Full of energy, always last minute and always in a rush, but brings that energy and verve to the bar. The locals have come to love him, even Durham Dave.
Paul runs to a different beat to most people and his top 10 shows that.
Top 10
1. Screamadelica, Primal Scream
2. Hounds of Love, Kate Bush
3. The Greatest, Ian Brown
4. Born in the Echoes, Chemical Brothers
5. Barbara, Barbara, we Face a Shining Future, Underworld
6. Tellin' Stories, The Charletons
7. Sign o the Times, Prince
8. Paisley Park, Prince
9. Endtroducing, DJ Shadow
10. Moon Safari, Air
Another eclectic mix
Pauls five great loves are,
1. Techno
2. Gin ( I can vouch for that)
3. DJ ing
4. Food ( we can all vouch for that )
5. Clubbing ( I don't think he means the wooden variety )

Bass Guitarist....Phil Costello

The founder member along with myself, the Bass guitar suits Phil down to the ground. That constant beat that keeps things ticking along, never frantic, never rushed but the beat that every great band needs.
Myself and Phil went to school together and have been best mates since, it was an evening of red wine at Phils house that the Sound Bar idea was spawned, seems a long time ago now.
Phil has a fabulous knowledge of music and a memory that puts the rest of us to shame.
Phil quietly goes about his business, but he is usually the voice of reason we all go to.
His top 10 albums was the neatest written, and I suspect the best thought through.
TOP 10
1. For Your Pleasure, Roxy Music
2. Hunky Dory, David Bowie
3. Last Broadcast, The Doves
4. The Bends , Radiohead
5. Colour of Spring, Talk Talk
6. Thirst for Romance, Cherry Ghost
7. Transformer, Lou Reed
8. Remain in Light, Talking Heads
9. Soft Bulletin, Flaming Lips
10. Metals, Feist
A fair cross section I'm sure you'll agree?
Phils five great love are
1. Music
2. Travel
3. Mountains
4. Red Wine
5. Leeds Utd

Lead singer.......Bex Doran

Our very own little nightingale, the singing voice of an angel but likes to keep her talents hidden.
Bex is the newest full time member of the team, and has been a part of us from inception.  A Skipton girl, very slightly younger than the rest of us, and it's hard to remember how we functioned without her.
She has an amazing knowledge of music for her age, and surprises us every day with the songs she knows. Her top ten albums give an insight into her wide range in taste of music and here it is,
TOP 10
1. Dirt, Alice in Chains
2. Breakfast in America, Supertramp
3. Jar of Flies, Alice in Chains
4. Appetite for Destruction, Guns and Roses
5. Mad Season, Mad Season
6. RNFNR, Slash
7. Levelling the Land, The Levellers
8. Scissor Sisters, Scissor Sisters
9. American Idiot, Green Day
10. Woodface, Crowded House
Some unexpected ones there then.
Here five great loves in life are
1. Music
2. Coffee ( she really doesn't sync without it )
3. Tattoos
4. History ( Industrial revolution in particular )
5. Gin ( Anyone who knows Bex knows how true this is )
Everyone loves "our" Bex and she is such a valued part of what we do.


Lead guitarist.......Miles Laprell

That leaves me to be Lead Guitarist.
Mmm well being musically inept, that might leave the band in trouble, but I suppose it means I'm the gobby one who shouts loudest to get things done. I'll leave the rest of the guys to tell you a bit about me ( Be gentle, please)

Miles is the driving force behind the Sound Bar. He leads the band consistently with his innovation, knowledge and passion for real ale. Coupled with his straight talking 'no nonsense' approach are his playful and often mischeivous tendencies...the ultimate wind up merchant with a heart of gold. No band would function without it's lead guitarist, and Miles' is a tune we all listen to because (much to Paul's dismay), he's usually right!!

Here are his top ten albums...

TOP 10
1. Aladdin Sane, David Bowie
2. Heartbreaker, Free
3. Station to Station, David Bowie
4. Fear of a Blank Planet, Porcupine Tree
5. See the Light, Jeff Healey Band
6. Dummy, Portishead
7. Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd
8. Closing Time, Tom Waits
9. Madman Across The Water, Elton John
10. Blackstar, David Bowie
Miles's 5 greatest loves are...
1. Tuscany
2. David Bowie
3. Blondes
4. Leeds Utd
5. Red Wine

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